Bill and Jane Bartelmes

January 2019, my husband Bill had quadruple bypass heart surgery. He was put on a strict low-fat, low salt diet post-surgery. Consequently, many of the condiment and barbecue sauce products that he had enjoyed for many years were no longer an option for him as they contained too much sodium.
Fortunately, we had purchased a bottle of Snido-mite spicy hot sauce a few months earlier from Roy Snyder and his lovely wife at the Waterford craft show. Because of its relatively low salt content, we – especially my husband – were delighted that Bill could still enjoy Snido-mite spicy hot sauce. It was one of the few condiments that we did not have to dispose of.
To understand how much this meant to my husband, you would have to know how much he enjoys eating delicious food! We found that Snido-mite sauce is absolutely wonderful on grilled salmon (salmon is especially good for the heart)! We also use it on chicken. This unique and delicious hot sauce has allowed my husband to continue to enjoy food without sacrificing flavor, and without unnecessarily increasing his sodium intake. We purchase Snido-mite at Harris Teeter and sometimes clear off their shelves so we will have plenty to spare!
This sauce is not only delicious, but healthy too. We highly recommend it!
Bill and Jane Bartelmes
Woodbridge, Virginia